Chief Mukuni Village Tour

Chief Mukuni Village Tour

Embark on a visit to the local Chief Mukuni Village which is home to some 7,000 Leya people. Gain valuable knowledge of how an African village is run and the day-to- day routines of the people who live there.

A headman will escort you around the village to show how traditional huts are made and decorated, to explain village politics and to answer any questions that you may have.

There is also a large craft market in the village for you to buy some locally made crafts, or even attempt to give it a go yourself.

Chief Mukuni Village Tour


Dr David Livingstone visited this village on more than one occasion, sitting under a giant mango tree in the middle of the square, to meet with the current chief. As the Chief viewed David Livingstone as an unbeliever, he was not allowed into the chief’s compound.

It was also two men from this village, long time retainers of David Livingstone, who carried his body all the way to the coast after he died near Lake Bangweulu. The descendants of these men still live in the village.

The current Chief Mukuni is a modern and enterprising man who is promoting tourism in his area while trying to minimize the adverse impact it might have on his people’s way of life

Chief Mukuni Village Tour


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Chief Mukuni Village Tour
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