Top 5 Mobile Safari Trips To Zambia

Mobile Safaris in Zambia

Embark on one of our Top 5 Mobile Safri Trips to Zambia in the most popular National Parks and hidden corners of this beautiful country.

A mobile safari offers you your traditional safari experience with great guiding, fantastic meals and superb service. However, being mobile, it allows you to see more parts of the country including some of the smaller, more remote corners.

Mobile Safaris

Mobile safaris also give you an excellent “value for money” safari because they include all the travel logistics you need for the duration of your safari.

The 3 Advantages To Choosing A Mobile Safari

1. GET MORE SAFARI FOR LESS: The nightly rate of your mobile safari tends to be lower than the permanent camps which means your budget goes further.

2. SEE MORE OF THE COUNTRY: A mobile safari allows you to access more remote and hidden corners of Zambia that the traditional tourist routes miss.

3. ENJOY UNIQUE SERVICE: Our guides and team take care of your every need. Camp setups, great meals, how showers and ice cold drinks are the order of the day!

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