Kruger Park Activities – Things you can do at Kruger National Park

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Kruger National Park is the emblem of South Africa’s travel industry. This is the place to encounter all safari creatures big and small: elephant, buffalo, giraffe, lion, rhino, leopard, a dazzling array of antelopes, and much more. To really appreciate this vast ecosystem and all its attractions, you should spend at least three or four days there. If you’re looking for some things to do in Kruger, here are the main Kruger Park activities:

Morning And Night Game Drive

Head out on an early morning game drive in search of the Big 5. This is the best time of day to spot big cats. Lions often walk or even rest on the roads before heading off into the bush when it gets hot and vehicle movement disturbs them

To see the nocturnal creatures of the bush, join the park’s guided night drive. Self-drive isn’t allowed after dark, so sit back and relax while your knowledgeable guide uses a spotlight to find animals such as bush baby, genet, porcupine, aardvark and maybe even a leopard on the prowl.

Kruger National Park

Guided walk

Daily morning or afternoon guided walks are conducted from most rest camps in Kruger. You’ll go out with an armed ranger to focus on the small stuff usually ignored on game drives. This is your chance to learn about medicinal plants, animal tracks, and the little 5 (elephant shrew, rhinoceros beetle, buffalo weaver, ant lion and leopard tortoise.

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